This website has been created for the descendants of Philip and Magdlena Slicker. It has three purposes: to preserve and share the rich historical life story of Philip and Magdlena and their descendants and to collaborate with others in exploring, discovering and preserving the unknowns of our ancestors’ lives.

Why these three purposes?

Preserving: It does no good to spend years accumulating scattered sources of information about our family history only to leave that information stored in boxes, filing cabinets, electronic databases and technological storage devices where it risks being tossed or deleted one day by someone who is unable to recognize the value of all that accumulated, stored data. My mother and I have tried various methods to preserve this vast storage of historical information. We feel, when it comes to preservation, you can never have too many methods. This blogging website becomes one more method.


Genealogy as a pastime does not appeal to everyone. Others find it interesting but just do not have the time to do it. Yet there are people in both groups who have an interest in knowing their family history. Over the years family members have expressed their interest in owning and viewing a copy of the family history information my mother and I have gathered. We are open to sharing, and we have shared in many ways.

As we passionately pursue scattered, sometimes well-buried information and piece it together into a story of our past, we often rely on family members who share what they know. This shared data enables us to continue developing our ever-growing family tree for the benefit of everyone, including future generations.

And yes, a family tree is ever-growing. Thus, this blogging website is one way for us to stay connected and to share and preserve this ever-growing Slicker family history.

Collaborating: Together, we can create a fuller, more complete family history. Thus this website becomes a call to all other researchers and family members who want to work together to explore, discover, and preserve the unknowns of our ancestors’ lives. This includes sharing our past research findings and the sources that support those findings.

This website is meant to be an interactive website with each visitor choosing his or her level of participation. If you choose to visit this site to explore and discover your family history and no more, I hope you find it informative and enjoyable. If you are looking to share information, collaborate in research or help in the preservation process, I look forward to working with you.

This is my first experience with a blogging website. It is also my first effort at reaching out to collaborate with a potentially large number of interested researchers and family members. Although I have a vision for this site, how it will evolve as I explore and discover the most efficient and effective ways to use this platform is unknown to me.

Over the years my mother and I have accumulated a mountain of information on the family. I will be sharing this information one post at a time. So visit frequently and feel free to leave a comment. Or drop me a line using the contact form.