Welcome to a Slicker Family History!

If you are a descendant of Philip and Magdlena Slicker and want to learn or to share knowledge about or want to help preserve your Slicker ancestry, you have come to a good site for doing just that!

So who are Philip and Magdlena Slicker? Philip and Magdlena were both born in Germany. It is unknown to me if they met and married there or in the United States. Magdlena’s family name was Friend. She married John Joseph Steinogle (the Steinogle spelling changed to Stinogle) in Germany. Magdlena and John Steinogle had at least three children: Conrad, Eva and Mary. Magdlena married Philip Slicker sometime after the birth of Mary Stinogle (1852). Philip and Magdlena are the parents of John Slicker, born 1857 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and the grandparents of Samuel John Slicker, born 1885 in Apollo, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. For an overview of this family, take a look at the combination pedigree/family chart posted below.


Magdlena lived in Germany, Baldwin Township and Forward Township – both in Allegheny county and Webster, in Westmoreland county. To learn more about Philip and Magdlena, go to the Category menu on the right to find their stories and timelines.

You can also read the history of this family by scrolling down this page to the most recent posts or use the Category menu to your right to choose the specific post you want to read. In addition to the stories posted for Philip and Magdlena Slicker, you will find several posts narrating the life of their son, John, and daughter-in-law, Malissa Mansfield. I am currently developing a timeline that covers the life of Malissa Mansfield. After that post, I plan to write about Malissa’s parents, John and Nancy Mansfield and to write mini-biographies on each of John and Malissa’s children. After I publish those stories, I will write about Samuel John Slicker and his wife, Ethel Hardwick. So, if you don’t find what you are looking for today, be sure to revisit often for the latest updates.

Please note: Although I am enjoying writing the stories for this website, please understand writing them is a very time-consuming task, and I have other areas of life to attend to as well. One, two or even three months may pass between the posting of stories. If you have something to share about our ancestors or want to collaborate in researching this family, leave a comment or drop me a line using the contact form.

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1 Fred Manners was an adopted son. “1910 U.S. Federal Census.” Ancestry.com., (http://www.ancestry.com: accessed 1, November 2016), entry for Fred Manners (age 6), Conemaugh, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

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