Magdlena Friend Slicker: Timeline

Note to Reader: An analysis of the events and dates that appear in this timeline will be presented in the next post.


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2 thoughts on “Magdlena Friend Slicker: Timeline

    • Hi Matt,

      Thank you for your inquiry. I have seen your name and some of your work posted on It’s been a while back. But thanks to you, I believe it was you, I was able to get Conrad Stinogle’s naturalization date. Anyway, Conrad and his two sisters, Mary and Eva, were my great-great grandfather’s, John Slicker’s, half-siblings. My site is mainly about the Slickers and other family lines such as the Mansfields that married into it, and not so much about the Stinogles. Perhaps that is why you are lost. I do have more information on Conrad and Eva, and a lot on Mary that I hope to post at some time, but right now I am focused on Malissa Mansfield, who married John Slicker, and her family. If you look on the right side of the home page, there is a Categories menu. There are several articles on Magdlena Friend Slicker, the mother of Conrad, Mary, and Eva Stinogle and John Slicker. You will also find Conrad and Mary mentioned in the post about John Slicker. Conrad and John jointly purchased property in Webster, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in the 1870’s. The posts about John Slicker describes this event in detail. I don’t know if this helps. Do you have any specific questions? It has been a while since I have seen your information on so I can’t recall what was on there. If you are interested and opened to, do you mind telling me which of the Stinogles connect you to Magdlena? Let me know if this reply helps or if there are any other questions you have. Would you be interested in collaborating on the Stinogles and any information you may have on Phillip and John Slicker?


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